COVID-19 Update: We are fully operational. Here's what we're doing to keep you safe. Learn more

COVID-19: Where We Are Now:

With COVID-19 still spreading, we want to keep our customers and drivers safe from the spread. We’re keeping our distance, wearing our masks, and sanitizing our surfaces. And we want to help keep you safe. Here’s how were doing it:

How We’re Tranzyting COVID Away:

We promised you peace of mind while delivering, and with COVID-19 still around, we promise you the same peace of mind with more precautionary measures. At Tranzyt, we’re following the recommendations of the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) to keep everyone safe in every step of our Tranzyts. Drivers and customers alike are asked to properly wear their masks, drivers are asked to sanitize their hands frequently, and our contactless confirmation code scanning ensures that deliveries are made 2 arm-lengths (6 feet) away.

We Go Out So You Can Stay Home:

Our Tranzyt drivers are committed to help you deliver your item, but what’s more? They’re helping you stay safe and snug at home while they do it! With Tranzyt around, all you need to do is prepare your item, request a Tranzyt, and go back to the safety of your home and family. And because we want to see you safe, we’d like to remind you and all of our Tranzyt customers to only go out when necessary. The more of us that stay home, the less COVID-19 spreads!

Masks and Tranzyt Go Together:

We care for everyone’s safety. That’s why we make sure customers know they have a right to cancel a Tranzyt if the driver does not have a mask on. We encourage our customers to mask up, too. However, if drivers do not feel comfortable receiving an item from a customer that has a mask off, they have a right to refuse the delivery. But remember, we’re all human after all! Let’s try reminding each other to mask up and keep each other safe, just like we like it here at Tranzyt!

Destination COVID-free!

Tranzyt is committed to helping you through this pandemic, and it is our job to keep each other safe until the COVID-19 spread stops. We’d like to thank everyone who has been as committed as Tranzyt in keeping others safe. From frontline workers to Tranzyt’s customers and drivers, everyone plays an important role in decreasing the spread of COVID-19, and we will continue to support each other (from at least 6 feet away) until COVID-19 is in the past.