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Do you remember that time when you planned ahead, did all your errands on time, but when you drove across town to visit your parents, you still forgot to BRING the suitcase they let you borrow? Imagine if you had a safety net. We all trip at some point. With a cushion to bounce back on, we’d finally get to relax! Well, imagine no more. Tranzyt has arrived. We’re friendly, reliable, and safe, and we’re here to take a load off your busy life.


Tranzyt is the number one app for delivering your goods to the people who matter. Whether you want your bookshelf delivered to a friend or have school supplies you want sent to your child’s dorm, Tranzyt meets you from A to C. Ordering is as simple as choosing the location to deliver your items, selecting the item size, and receiving the delivery time. 


Everybody is unique. Each of us comes from a different background and we all have complex needs for our living situations. Think of 30-year-old Daniel who doesn’t possess a driver’s license. Daniel braves two-hour bus commutes to and from work to toil on spreadsheets every week. Saturday morning, while he’s unwinding on the couch, he sighs and remembers his promise to drop his old TV off at his girlfriend’s house. Luckily, Daniel has Tranzyt. He smiles as he orders the nearest driver and takes his packaged TV outside. In a few moments, he is greeted by a friendly face.


When Daniel needs support, Tranzyt has his back. Some people may rely on help more than others, and that’s OK. Tranzyt has everyone’s back, anytime, anywhere. Like Anita, a senior in college with a habit of forgetfulness. She loves visiting her mother on weekends, but every other Saturday, she forgets to bring her another batch of souvenirs from the campus bookstore. Anita usually remembers when she returns to her dorm at midnight. She can’t risk driving back out to her mother’s house—she needs to sleep for class tomorrow. Then she remembers she downloaded the Tranzyt app. No matter the hour, Tranzyt helps you when you need it.


But what if you’re receiving an item and something goes amiss? No need to worry—through the Tranzyt app, you can view a map and watch drivers deliver your items in real time. Additionally, items that go missing or get damaged while being delivered are insured up to $500. We never fail to be cautious.


Have a lot on your plate this week? Tranzyt’s here, and we make your life simpler.

If you want a delivery made and are looking for reliability, safety, and a friendly face, you can find us wherever you go. You could call us your mobile safety net. 

Download the app today and take a well-deserved break!

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