The Cheapest Delivery in Philadelphia – 5 Reasons to Choose Tranzyt

Since it’s creation in 2020, Tranzyt continues to be the most convenient delivery platform, offering low-prices, insurance on all items in case of transport damage, protocol to protect you and the package recipient from Covid-19, adherence to customer feedback, and the ability to deliver just about anything.

The Tranzyt app is a safe, reliable, on-demand delivery service that connects people with drivers. There isn’t a person in the world who can get everything done on their own. That’s why we wanted to help connect people with drivers off the road. You’re busy—let’s knock an errand off your list. Simplify your life with our fleet of on-demand drivers ready to pick up and deliver anything you need.

Consider all the steps you’d have to go through to get an item delivered. If it’s a small item, you have to personally pack it up, make the line at the post office, and ship your item. Even if your item’s destination is just across town, it could take a couple of days to get there. If your item is large, like a piece of furniture, it gets even more complicated. You have to find a trusted delivery service, and then call to see when they can accommodate you. Delivery isn’t guaranteed. Your schedule may not fit with theirs. How many times has the delivery window they have given you come and gone with no delivery and no communication? Setting up delivery has become known as a hassle.

That’s why we are so proud of our platform. We are here to solve the problems with traditional delivery services. You can count on reliable, quick, and convenient delivery. Here are five reasons why you should use our platform. 


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1. The Cheapest Delivery in Philadelphia

Delivery companies are expensive. Fees pile up with no explanation. That’s why Tranzyt shows you in-app how much a delivery will cost and why. It’s the cheapest way to get your goods delivered.

And not only does Tranzyt offer affordable prices, but also effective deliveries. While Tranzyt’s competitors take 1-2 days to complete a delivery, Tranzyt completes deliveries in an hour at most. Tranzyt has on-demand convenience and competitive pricing. This means that if you need a truck with a dolly, our app can find a driver for you that has one. Or maybe you have a pair of golf clubs that need to be picked up and delivered and you just need someone with a hatchback to put their backseats down and bring it over. No matter what your need is, there is an option for you. Who said deliveries can only get done out of a big white van?

2. The Best Delivery Service in Philadelphia – Convenience and Reliability 

What makes us the best delivery service in Philadelphia? Let us count the ways. You can count on reliable, safe service that delivers your goods with respect. Drivers work for you, not for us, meaning that they’ll work with you to do what you need done. That’s why we call our drivers Doers – they get tasks done.

Are you afraid of picking up an item from Craigslist because of all the horror stories you’ve heard? Fear not – you can open our app from your phone and comfortably order a Doer to pick up your item for you. The drivers on our app are all background screened so you can feel secure and comfortable having them make a delivery for you.

Another detail that makes us the best delivery service in Philadelphia is the convenience.

It’s the 2020s, some of us just don’t have the time or energy to look up a delivery company, read reviews on it, figure out pricing, and then schedule a delivery for when THEY have time for it. The 2020s is the time for convenience and putting the control back in your hands. Instead of spending all your energy on all of that, you can simply pick up your phone and go to our app to set up everything.

Never worry about losing your item. Items can also be insured for up to $500. 

Our platform delivers peace of mind, convenience, and reliability. Never put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Our Doers will deliver whatever you need to, whenever you need to. Just tell us when.

3. Precautions Taken by Tranzyt for COVID-19 

We take the spread of COVID-19 very seriously on our platform to protect the people of Philadelphia. You can rest assured that drivers are following precautions taken by Tranzyt at all times.

Our platform is following all CDC and state guidelines. Drivers are encouraged to wear masks and gloves when handling your items. When picking up items, drivers are encouraged to have the least amount of contact with other people and other surfaces as possible.

Social distancing is key to stopping the spread of COVID-19 across the United States. As a platform that moves people all around the city, we are extra careful to prevent the spread of COVID within our city. That’s why we’re proud to say we offer contact-free delivery in Philadelphia. We’re committed to keeping both you and our Doers safe during this pandemic. Simply order from our app and use our in-app tracking feature to see in real-time where your order is. Our Doers will leave the delivery in a predetermined place for contactless delivery.

Bottom line: Tranzyt is following CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. We are implementing contactless deliveries as the standard form of delivery until further notice.

4. Your Feedback Matters

As a new platform, Tranzyt relies on the help of its users to grow. Tranzyt differs from it’s greedy, big business competitors in that Tranzyt is local to the south eastern Pennsylvania region. Your feedback goes comes directly to us, not to a chain of secretaries working to meet a deadline. If you see a way Tranzyt can improve, your voice will go a long way.

5. Delivery of Just About Everything

You can stay home safely and lower your risk of exposure to COVID by having our Doers deliver just about anything you need to your doorstep. Want the used armchair you just bought delivered to your house? Call a Tranzyt driver. With small-to-large sized vehicles, Tranzyt can deliver:

  • Computers
  • Furniture
  • Crates of books, comics, or miscellaneous items
  • Guitars
  • Toasters
  • School supplies
  • Clothes
  • Potted plants
  • Bikes
  • A washing machine
  • And more!

For a list of prohibited items, please go to

Bottom line: Receive items from with ease, or send items to wherever they need to go with Tranzyt.

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