Package Delivery Driver Jobs in Philadelphia

          Close your eyes and imagine this life: You wake up when your body wants to and you leisurely drink your coffee and catch up on your social media. You open up the Tranzyt app and an alert pops up.

Delivery requests available!”

          You perk up, review the package delivery request, and hurriedly accept the job because you know if you don’t, someone else will. Today you’ve set a monetary goal for yourself and want to ensure you make it. You get in your car and drive to your first destination with a smile on your face. It feels good to get paid to drive.

          This is the kind of freedom you could have every day if you choose to become one of our valued package delivery drivers. You can get paid to drive your car on your own time. The earning potential is uncapped as you can take on as many jobs as you want in a day. You have the freedom to choose your own hours and what jobs you take on. Flexibility and freedom is the reward for being your own boss. Get paid to drive your car, on your own terms.

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How much do our package delivery drivers usually make?

          You can make up to $18 per hour just by delivering packages, plus you get to keep 100% of your tips. That means that how much you make is entirely up to you and how many deliveries you make. Manage your own account and earnings as an independent contractor. The ability to make a meaningful income is completely in your control. However, that doesn’t mean you are on your own. Our platform provides you with a customer support team to help handle any bumps in the road.

In addition to the ability to get paid to drive, the Tranzyt app has a rewards program that rewards you the more you drive. You can check our Instagram or Facebook to see what we offer in our package delivery rewards program. Our app also rewards you with more job offers throughout the day. The more jobs you accept, the more you get. The potential to make money by driving your car increases the more you do it.

How can I become a package delivery driver with Tranzyt?

          Signing up to get paid to drive is easy and can be done online at or on the app directly whether your smartphone runs on iOS or Android. A few requirements are needed before you can begin. To start completing package delivery jobs you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age: you must be 19 years old or older.
  • Smartphone: An Android or iPhone is needed to access the Tranzyt App.
  • Vehicle: You will need your own vehicle (car, van, or truck) that is 1996 or newer.
  • Driver screening: You’ll need to have a background screening reviewed and approved.You’ll need the following to register:
    • A driver profile photo.
    • A valid US driver’s license.
    • Proof of vehicle registration of your personal car.
    • Proof of vehicle insurance of your personal car.
    • Proof of vehicle inspection of your personal car.

    At this time you can only drive with us if you have your own car. You cannot complete deliveries with a rental car.

    Worried about your background screening and why we are doing it? We are making sure that the app is safe for everyone and that everyone feels comfortable using it. Your criminal history and motor vehicle record is reviewed. Never will we give out any of this personal information. It is stored as encrypted data and will not be shared with anyone. The background screening is performed to reassure everyone using the app that you are trustworthy in both character and driving ability. A spotty criminal history and serious traffic violations could disqualify you from driving with us. But we hope we can help you get paid to drive your car! No matter what your outcome, you can review your background screening and request a copy of it.

    As soon as your background screening is reviewed, your account will be activated and you can start performing deliveries that day. This process may take a few days, but hey, think of it as a time to prepare you and your car for an awesome delivery job!

    If you are nervous about starting your new package delivery driver job, fear not. There is an onboarding process for you so that you can get to know us, our policies, and the ways we can help you. We just want to make sure everyone that uses the app is comfortable with using Tranzyt! It was designed to be convenient not only for customers but for delivery drivers as well.

    How do I use the Tranzyt app to find delivery jobs near me?

    Finding a delivery job with the Tranzyt app is simple. When you’re ready to go online to make as much money as you want, simply log into the app and wait for a job request. Job requests will show you the drop-off and delivery location and how much money you’ll make for the job. Make sure you have the right vehicle and equipment for the job! As you consistently accept job requests, you will get assigned more and more delivery jobs. It’s the system’s way of rewarding you for getting on the road!

    Once you arrive at the pickup location, use the app to confirm the details of the item you are picking up. After verifying the item you picked up is the correct one for the job, the Tranzyt app will navigate you to the drop off point. When your job is completed, your earnings are reflected in your account immediately. It’s so satisfying to watch your money accrue in your account in real time. Before you know it, you’ll be meeting your financial goals!

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    How do I get paid to drive cars on the Tranzyt app?

    Well now you’ve had a blast driving around town and you’ve gleefully watched the money pile up in your account. Now what?

    To transfer your earnings, you must have a checking account with a financial institution. You cannot transfer your money to a savings account or business account. Payments are sent through direct deposit on Mondays and take 1-3 business days to be reflected in your account. It’s a dependable, meaningful income that can help you live the life you want.

    Compensation is based on a few factors, some of which are mileage and item size. Most deliveries will pay between $8 to $30. However, there’s the potential to make even more depending on the size of the item and how many items the customer wants to be delivered. An extra item means extra money. For example, an extra-large washer machine delivery could pay you $45 for one simple delivery.

    You may be wondering if you get paid for time. You do not get paid for the amount of time it takes to get to the pick-up spot. You only get paid to drive for the time during delivery – not before and not after.

    What if you have to wait around for the customer? The customer has three free minutes to arrive to the pre-determined location. After those three minutes, the customer will be charged for your time. We know how precious your time is and want to make sure you don’t waste it. If after five minutes the customer is still a no-show, you have the right to cancel without penalty. You’ll still get compensated by us in the case of a no-show cancellation – it wasn’t your fault a customer didn’t show up. We value the time you took to help someone out on our app.

    What kind of support will I get on the app as a package delivery driver for Tranzyt?

    You already know about our rewards program! The more deliveries you complete with us, the better rewards you’ll get it!

    In addition to that worthwhile perk of driving with us, you also have a supportive team that you can contact via phone or chat. Our support team is there in case something goes wrong during delivery. You should call the Tranzyt team support as soon as something goes wrong. Do you anticipate a late delivery? Did an item get damaged during transport? Call +267-999-9888-Tranzyt immediately and we’ll help you figure it out. You may be an independent contractor, but we still consider you part of our team.


    In conclusion, if you are looking for “delivery jobs near me” then you’ve found one in the palm of your hand – the Tranzyt app. The Tranzyt app is the best way to get paid to drive your car. You can be your own boss and create flexible hours that work with you. We’ll connect you to Philadelphia residents that need your help. No two days will be the same with a package delivery job like this.

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